Grace Albertson

After School Program

Through the After School Program, children are given the opportunity to challenge themselves, empower themselves, and discover their potential. No matter the language spoken, the place of origin, or proficiency in certain subjects, Hope For Tomorrow offers the future of our community everything they need to become better learners and thinkers. I am more than blessed to see the resiliency and dedication of children of all ages through this program. As this program grows, we will depend and thrive off of the support of the Indianapolis community as we work together towards the goal of offering educational support for our children. ​

Lexie Meier

Citizenship Class

Serving here at Hope For Tomorrow has allowed me to encounter so many great and loving people eager to learn. My students and I have spent countless hours working together improving their English and working towards American Citizenship. I believe that learning should be fun but also something that the student looks forward to. 

Yan Yan

After School Program

Hope for tomorrow is a great place for the kids and adults alike. It’s a place for everyone in the Burmese community to get the help they need, it’s either through the after-school program or through citizens workshop. We hope to expand and develop more programs like these to help the Burmese community and others alike. These programs not only help the students and clients but also positively affects the lives of the volunteers. They are able connects with friends and neighbors that they never thought they could have. As a coordinator of this organization, I am proud to call these people a part of my family.

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