World Refugee Day

Since 2001, the United Nations has recognized June 20th as "World Refugee Day". We at Hope For Tomorrow want to take this opportunity to honor the millions of resilient people around the globe who have faced and are currently facing great challenges in seeking refuge for themselves and their families.

Today we also celebrate the thousands of refugees from Burma who have found a safe and welcoming home here in Indianapolis. It's important to remember that refugees do not migrate primarily for economic reasons, and Burmese refugees are no exception. Refugees are people forced to flee their home countries because of extremely dangerous conditions. The refugees from Burma now living in Indianapolis were persecuted or had a well-founded fear of persecution by the brutal military government because of their religion and ethnicity.

Burmese refugees are an integral part of this community, woven into the fabric of our shared lives. Their courage, resilience, and innovative spirit invigorate the life of this community. At Hope For Tomorrow, we believe in building bridges through education and service. As we learn from one another and serve alongside one another, together we create a brighter future for all.