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Come Volunteer With Us!

After School Program Opportunities

Hope For Tomorrow After School volunteers have the opportunity to meet with students on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday from 4:50 - 7:50 PM to assist students in learning joruneys.

After School Volunteer

Volunteering with Hope For Tomorrow students is a great way to help Burmese and Chin students in grades 1st - 8th grade through homework assistance and other in-class activities. You will have the opportunity to serve others and be exposed to new and exciting experiences.

U.S. Citizenship Classes Opportunities

Hope For Tomorrow Citizenship Class volunteers meet with students on Wednesdays and Friday evenings from  6:00 - 8:00 PM. Each Citizenship Class is  3 months long. Our Citizenship classes specialize in teaching and walking both Burmese and Chin adults through U.S. Civics Questions, Small-talk, and mock interveiws. We offer different class levels to provide the best learning experience possible.

Citizenship Class Volunteer

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